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 Overnight, 24/7 and Travel Support

Bringing home a new baby and need some extra support? I am a CACHE certified, Master Newborn Care Specialist™ and I would love to partner with your family to aid in welcoming your newest family member. As a Newborn Care Specialist I offer overnight support, 24/7 support, travel support, sleep coaching, setting healthy daytime and nighttime routines and so much more! 


Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny can be a scary process. Should you use an agency or a website? What should you ask during the interview process? What should you ask when calling references? How do you find your family's perfect fit? What are the legalities regarding pay and taxes? What are industry standard benefits and should you offer them? If you are looking to hire a nanny and want insight into the process, contact me today to set up a consultation!


Introducing Solids

Should you start baby food at 4 months or 6 months? Rice cereal or Oatmeal? Canned baby food or pouches? What in the world is Baby Led Weaning? Won't my baby choke? How do I make my own baby food? Why is my toddler so picky? I'm worried about allergies! These are only a sample of the questions I answer for families every day. If you want a little extra support wading through all the options and information, contact me today!


Virtual Sleep Consulting

From birth to age 3, sleep issues can present themselves at any time. Whether you are looking to set yourself up for success from day one, develop a healthy daytime routine or correct sleep issues into toddlerhood, I am ready to help you meet your sleep goals. Hourly troubleshooting and full sleep consult packages available. 


Contract Review

Nanny Contracts

Whether you are a family or a care provider, contracts and employment agreements are extremely important in a Nanny/Family relationship. Not only do they keep both parties safe, they lay out expectations in a clear and concise manner to avoid frustration, confusion and conflict later on. Set up an appointment today to create your own personalized nanny contract. Contract negotiations included as needed! Available as an add-on to Hiring a Nanny Consult Package.


*Nanny Consults is is not a law firm, does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for advice from an attorney.

Nursery Room

Bringing Home Baby

What do you need for your new baby's nursery? Which bottles are best? How do swaddles work and why do you need them? What are the must haves for your baby's registry? Which carseat, stroller, carrier, highchair, etc is best for your family's needs? Which diapers won't leak? Get the answer to all your bringing home baby questions by setting up an appointment today!

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