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Services for Professional Caregivers

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Are you in the middle of your search for a new nanny family? A clean, professional resume is a necessity for presenting yourself as a top candidate. Contact me today for assistance in creating your perfect resume! I will edit and suggest changes to your existing resume information or you can book the full resume package to get a personalized resume from scratch geared towards your individual style!

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Interview Coaching

As a nanny, the interview process can be daunting. How do you choose the right family? What should you wear to the interview and how should you present yourself? What questions are important to ask at the interview and what questions should you be prepared to answer? Where should you look for positions? How do you communicate your rates? I have long been passionate about helping nannies present their best professional selves to potential clients to give them the best opportunities for a great placement. Contact me today for more information!



Whether you are a family or a care provider, contracts and employment agreements are extremely important in a Nanny/Family relationship. Not only do they keep both parties safe, they lay out expectations in a clear and concise manner to avoid frustration, confusion and conflict later on. Set up an appointment today to create your own personalized nanny contract, Doula contract or NCS contract. Contract negotiations included as needed!

*Nanny Consults is is not a law firm, does not act as your attorney, and is not a substitute for advice from an attorney.

Customer Service Rep

General Consulting

Have a concern that isn't addressed in any of the above packages? Contact me today to see if I can help! Both parents and nannies often run into one-off issues and sometimes need a little help navigating through. Once I know your problem, I will let you know how I can help with a specialized consulting package or will direct you to the best resource to assist you.​

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