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Nanny Consults provides support through specialized care and consultation for parents, families and caregivers of infants and toddlers. We also offer mentorship, education and guidance to childcare providers with a focus on increasing professionalism and respect within the early childhood care industry.

Virtual Sleep Consult Special!

During COVID-19, many families are struggling without the option of hands-on support. Nanny Consults is excited to offer a virtual package to help you during this time!  If you are h aving trouble with your infant or toddler's daytime schedule or nighttime sleep, are struggling to navigate sleep transitions and regressions or wondering how to set a consistent and effective bedtime routine...click the link below to get in on the Virtual Sleep Consult Special for only $245! This package includes a 2-hour remote consult, a detailed, personalized sleep plan and one month of email/text support.

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